Luke Pennington

President | Principal

Phone       720.328.0468

Mobile      303.503.3993

Fax           720.306.3068


Luke began his real estate career many years ago along side Dan Pearson. As they progressed they eventually discovered that they held the same values and approached real estate in a very similar manner. This led to the founding of Addison & Maxwell. In his opinion, there are many people who hold a real estate license, but far less who are professionals and serve their clients at the highest level. One of their desires at Addison & Maxwell is to bring this quality and level of service to the clients of Addison & Maxwell before, during and after every real estate transaction.

Luke is also well versed in helping clients make the best move possible. He has built new construction homes and managed extensive quality home renovation projects, which has given him in-depth knowledge of the product. In addition, he manages a personal real estate investment portfolio that has provided real world experience in the area of real estate investment and the ever evolving successes and challenges of the market.  Combining his cumulative knowledge allows him to advise his investment clients on solid real estate investment practices and strategies. Today he is an owner of Addison & Maxwell, operates the real estate brokerage and helps support the agents at Addison & Maxwell in being the best they can be.